Sono Andrea Nanì un artista italiano, la mia espressione artistica assume la forma di ritratti. Disegno per esprimere le mie emozioni.

My name is Andrea Nanì, I am an Italian artist and drawer. I am originally from Sicily, more specifically from a town famous for it's particular chocolate, Modica. I learned how to draw by myself and as a self-taught artist I fell in love with realism. I love drawing with the pencil which I consider to be my best friend. I draw people because it is a way for me to express my emotions, I consider it a bridge between me and the observer used to invite him in my world.
I participated to various Italian expositions and one in Mexico. I have had multiple opportunities to build my experience and to know many other artists. I will keep working on my path and skills to find a technique that is suited to express my feelings in the best possible way.


Premio Michelangelo Buonarroti, Seravezza (LU), 2021
Premio Mestre di Pittura 2020, Mestre (VE), 2020

Omaggio a Frida, Città del Messico, 2019

Omaggio a Frida, Diamante, 2018

Mostra Personale, Modica, 2017